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Boston College Draws Support on Condom Distribution Ban
BOSTON, April 3, 2013 -- Despite attacks against Boston College for its prohibition of condom distribution on campus, the school says its rules are similar to those of many prominent Catholic universities across the U.S.

The Future of Humanity Passes
Through Marriage and the Family

In the papal encyclicals from "Humanae Vitae" (1968) to "Evangelium Vitae" (1995) and especially the apostolic exhortation "Familiaris Consortio" (1981) and the magnificent "Letter to Families" (1994), Popes Paul VI and John Paul II have dedicated much attention to marriage and the family in today’s culture. From the first year of his pontificate, John Paul II constantly emphasized: “the family is the way of the Church." The family is a school of communion, based on the values of the Gospel.

Holy See: Base of Human Rights Is . . . Being Human
Rights Do Not Come From the Group One Belongs To
The UN Must Affirm Rights of Every Person

GENEVA, MARCH 17, 2008 - It is important to clarify and identify the source and foundation of human rights, since experience and cultural traditions often affect the understanding of this concept, the Holy See affirmed.

Will, Reason, Hope. Which Comes First?
Nowadays we see a vast range of wishes demanding to be transformed automatically into rights. This is tantamount to saying that the will comes first and reason just has to adapt. The will establishes the ends and reason deals with nothing more than the means. This primacy of the will over reason is proper to both totalitarianism and relativist democracy. As a matter of fact, this is what these two systems share in common. This is what John Paul II wanted to say when on numerous occasions he laid bare the premises of totalitarianism and said that when democracy also espouses such premises it can drift in an evident or deceitful way towards forms of totalitarianism.

Professor Notes Gaps in Basic Concepts About Person
Course Aims to Reveal Treasure of Magisterium
Editor's note: This article illuminates the root cause of conflicts over the protection of human life from conception to natural death, and over the meaning and purpose of marriage, family and human sexuality. The root is a fundamental difference in understanding of what it means to be a human person. It points out the importance of understanding Catholic social teaching and Christian anthropology to develop a fuller understanding of who we are and what it means to be made in the image and likeness of God, who is a community of three persons in a relationship of love. Helping people develop this understanding is a key part of the mission of Catholics for the Common Good.

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