Petals in the Dust: India's Missing Girls

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Gino and Nyna Caputi, Catholics for the Common Good members, provide a wonderful example of the principle of solidarity. They saw something intolerable, something extermely horrible, and they did not turn away. They have taken on a huge project to make a film to let the world know about the deadly assault on girls in India. 

Petals in the Dust
by Nyna Pais-Caputi

Growing up in India, I was aware of the issue of female foeticide and infanticide. However, it was only when my husband Gino, and I started looking into adopting a baby girl from India, that we realized the scope of the problem.

We were surprised to learn that there were very few female infants available for adoption. When we dug deeper, we found statistics that seemed to explain these missing baby girls - one out of every six girls does not live to see her 15th birthday, one-third of these deaths take place at birth, every sixth girl child's death is due to gender discrimination. Patriarchal norms, low status of women and preference for male children are the some of the reasons that threaten the survival of female children in India.

In the last 20 years, 10 million girls have been killed by their parents either before or immediately after they were born.

Where is the public outcry? Where is the media? Where is the international community? 

Petals in the Dust: India's Missing Girls, will explore the reasons behind this female genocide, it's origin, growth and consequences.

It is the intention of the film to serve as a voice for the unborn and infant baby girls and women of India, calling attention to female infanticide and foeticide, practices that have lead to the biggest genocide in India’s history. 

The U.N. has warned that these acts if left unabated, would lead to an increase in trafficking, sexual abuse and violence towards women.

It is also the intention of the film to create an awareness both in India and globally and bring people together to help protect India's girl children and the women who face atrocities because of the skewed sex ratio.

Currently Petals in the Dust: India's Missing Girls is in pre-production and we are raising funds to complete it. To learn more about the film, please go to our website at







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