Support Needed for Hoye Sentencing Thursday, 2/19/2009

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Walter Hoye and His Wife Lori Need
Your Support, Prayers and Presence on Thursday

By William B. May and Eugene Caputi

Walter Hoye, a good friend of CCG, a respect life activist, and Executive Elder at the Progressive Baptist Church in Berkeley faces sentencing this Thursday, February 19th at 1:30PM in Oakland for a grave injustice related to his Christian witness. He could receive up to two years in jail and $4,000 in fines. This case is drawing national attention.

What was Elder Hoye’s crime? Standing outside an abortion clinic with the sign reading "Jesus [God] loves you and your baby. Let us help you."

Walter Hoye is supported by Catholics for the Common Good (CCG) Pro-life activist

This is a time for an expression of Christian solidarity with him and the unborn. If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area, please make every effort to help pack the court house on Thursday to offer silent prayer and support. Ask friends to join you. (Details are below)

Walter was arrested in May 13, 2008, under Oakland's new "bubble law". It states that pro-life demonstrators or sidewalk counselors must not move closer than 8 feet from any individual within a 100 foot radius of an abortion clinic.

Walter was unjustly convicted – he did not break any law. Clinic workers and escorts, bothered by his presence, approached him, crowded him, and held up cardboard placards to block his sign. They made false accusations against him and had him arrested. Because of the new “bubble” law, Walter had the foresight to have his presence video-taped just in case there was an incident.

At the trial in January, clinic workers misrepresented the facts on the witness stand – testifying that Walter was aggressive and threatening, and that two unidentified clients had complained about him. There was no supporting evidence provided and the video tape proved their testimony false. Inexplicably, the jury found him guilty of moving closer than 8 feet to the two unidentified, unseen clients. The case is being appealed. Life Legal Defense Foundation is representing Walter.

Video of abortion clinic workers
trying to block Walter Hoye's sign

After the trial, the judge told Walter that he was considering remanding him into jail pending sentencing for this misdemeanor. How could anyone treat such a kind, gentle, and loving person, as I know Walter to be, like a common criminal? The behavior of the judge has us concerned that he will give him the maximum sentence.

Please consider taking some time off work or away from your family to support Walter and Lori.


Arrive at the court house by 1 PM to allow time to get through security. For those who are not able to fit into the court room, please remain in the hallway outside in silent prayer. Please no signs. We must be quiet, dignified, and respectful at all times.

A press conference will be held after the sentencing -- probably outside of the main entrance. Just follow the crowd.

Thursday, February 19, 2009, 1 PM
Judge Hing’s Courtroom, Department 109, 5th Floor
661 Washington Street (at 7th Street), Oakland

Six blocks from the 12th Street BART Station (Daly City-Millbrae/Richmond, SFO/Pittsburg, and Fremont/Richmond Lines)

Above all, wherever you are, please pray. Let us ask Our Lady of Guadalupe for her protection of Walter and his family.
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Black pastors from around the country rally in support of Walter Hoye.

William B. May is Chairman of Catholics for the Common Good.

Eugene Caputi is a Bay Area filmaker, and is a friend and supporter of Walter Hoye.

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