Supporting Marriage and Keeping Your Job

Witnessing the Reality of Marriage

SAN FRANCISCO, July 24, 2014 -- CCG’s Chairman Margot Kyd and President Bill May were recently asked to provide advice to Catholic business leaders on how to handle the marriage issue in the work place in the July issue of Legatus Magazine. Legatus is a membership organization for top-ranked Catholic business leaders in North America.

LegatusWhile the article was addressed to business leaders, it is of value to anyone struggling with how to witness their faith on marriage without subjecting themselves to ridicule or persecution. May reminded readers, it is not only people in the workplace who are at risk in this increasing hostile culture to the Christian understanding of marriage, but our children also. He asked the question, “[H]ow can we explain marriage in ways our children can repeat without exposing them to ridicule or attacks by teachers and peers?”

The article makes the critical observation that marriage cannot be defined, only describe. May provide examples of various ways the Church describes marriage. How it is described has a critical bearing on how people can understand the meaning and purpose of marriage in this culture.

The article can be read on the Legatus Magazine website.

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