CCG Receives $15,000 Matching Grant to Launch Campaign

by William B. May

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SAN FRANCISCO, June 7, 2012 -- Several weeks ago, the President gave us a gift by clarifying his position on marriage, making it a campaign issue. By redefining marriage, he has unwittingly proposed eliminating the only institution that unites children with their moms and dads. Voters are paying attention, and now the time is ripe for us to go on the offense. We are ready and will be telling you more about this, and some other significant developments over the next few weeks as we reveal our plans.

To start us on our way, we have received the first of what we anticipate to be a number of matching grants. It is for $15,000 and must be matched by the end of June if we are going to be able to receive it all. Please help us reach this goal.


For the last several months, CCG is organizing to build its capacity for an expanded effort. Several announcements include:

New CCG Chair

Margot Kyd, has taken over as Chairman of CCG’s board. She is an experienced executive and a dynamic community leader. She has demonstrated tremendous courage as business leader for her active support of marriage and the unborn. Part of our program is to train managers on how to effectively promote marriage and resist the kind of coercion and extortion used by “gay rights” organizations.


One of our top goals for the first half of 2012 was to recruit a Vice President and Chief Operating Officer. After a national search, we are thrilled to announce Joe Itchon has joined the management team. He has extensive business operations experience and an MBA from Harvard. Joe was Operations Vice President for Dole Foods, a large multinational food company. He also has business strategy and operational consulting experience with smaller entrepreneurial organizations, as well as management and organizational experience in growing non-profit organizations. Joe has served as a volunteer leader of an international non-profit focused on helping parents enrich their marriage and family, and is well respected by leaders in the marriage and family movement.

New Corporate Secretary

In addition, Heather Cameron, an attorney from San Diego has joined us as corporate secretary. She brings a great understanding of the works of Blessed John Paul from her theological studies and participation in the John Paul II Fellowship, a leadership forum in Washington, DC and extensive leadership experience in service to the Church.

New Advisory Board Member

National respected columnist and lecturer, Pia de Solenni has joined CCG’s advisory board. She has a PhD in Moral Theology from the Pontifical University of Santa Croce in Rome. She is a welcomed member of our well-regarded team of theological and philosophical experts.

More announcements are coming. But today, I beg you to help us with a generous donation to help us achieve a full match from our grant.

If you donate $25, we will receive $50 with the match. $1,000 becomes $2,000. The time between now and June 30 is short. Please make a tax deductible donation to Stand with Children-CCGI today. Donations can be made online or send a check to:

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Please keep this apostolate and all of the faithful Catholics across the country who are participating in this movement for evangelization of culture for marriage and family in your prayers.

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