Freedom of Conscience, Freedom of Religion, Freedom to Do No Harm

The following statement was sent to the media regarding CCG President Bill May's address to more than 1,000 people gathered at a rally in front of the HHS Region Nine Headquarters in San Francisco.

This was one of more than 140 rallies held at noon on Friday across the country, protesting President Obama's attack on Catholic institutions and mandating that those who know chemical abortions, sterilizations, and contraception are harmful violate their consciences by promoting and paying for these services. 

"We Will Do No Harm!"

View the entire text of Mr. May's talk. (See video)

HHS REGIONAL OFFICE, SAN FRANCISCO, CA, March 23, 2012 – “The First Amendment is supposed to protect us from the tyranny of government forcing us to violate our consciences. But it is important to remember, the reason we don’t want to violate our consciences is not just a matter of principle, but a matter of not wanting to do what we know will cause harm to other people,” said Catholics for the Common Good President William B. May speaking to the local Stand Up For Religious Freedom Rally.

William B. May Stand up for Religious freedom rally, San Francisco HHS Regional Office  HHS Mandate- Defending attacks on the Catholic Church

"Not everyone agrees on what is right or wrong, and today we have too many laws that provide people with the freedom to do harm to other people."

May cited laws giving people the freedom to abort the disabled if the disability is detected before birth, or the freedom to create a child while intentionally depriving her of her mother and father.

"People can disagree and debate whether ending a human life is harmful, but for those who know it is, don't force us to do it, don't force us to promote it, don't force us to pay for it. We will do no harm!

"We are not here today to debate what is right or wrong. The question is whether anyone should be compelled by the power of government, by the President of the United States, to promote and pay for what we know will cause harm to our brothers and sisters. While medical schools have long since taken this phrase out of the Hippocratic Oath, based on what we know to be true and good, 'we will do no harm'."

"All we are seeking, Mr. President, is the freedom to do no harm. You can fine our institutions – our hospitals and schools – you can send your marshals to shut them down, but when you do, you will find us standing in the doorway, arm and arm. Why? Because we will do no harm!"

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