Rights of the Child

Arkansas Supreme Court Overturns
Voter-passed Child Welfare Meassure
Banned Adoptions by Cohabitating Couple
LITTLE ROCK, Arkansas, April 7, 2011 – Arkansas’s state Supreme Court on Thursday struck down a voter-approved initiative passed in 2008 that forbade unmarried couples, including homosexuals, from adopting or fostering children.

Illinois gay civil unions may force
Catholic Charities out of adoptions
SPRINGFIELD, March 25, 2011 - Government officials in Illinois are reconsidering the Catholic Church’s involvement in adoptions after gay activists complained that the Church refuses to give up children to homosexual couples who have obtained a “civil union” under the new civil union law.

Internationally Recognized Right
To Own Mother and Own Father

Convention on the Rights of the Child

Read how the UN Declaration on the Rights of the Child recognizes the right that a child has to a mother and a father and how depriving the child is a violation of that right without just cause. See the wording below.

The pain of anonymous parentage
A new US forum gives voice to the grown children of anonymous donors.
SYDNEY, January 26, 2011 -- It had to happen sooner or later: a forum for people born from reproductive technologies, especially donor eggs and sperm. There are many forums where IVF mums can swap stories about their pregnancies, but none about the mums’ children. Until now.

UK Christian Couple Banned from Fostering
Takes Fight to High Court
LONDON, November 1, 2010 – A UK Christian couple is fighting their local government in the High Court over a decision to bar them from becoming foster parents because of their faith and their opposition to the homosexualist ideology. The case was heard by the High Court, sitting in Nottingham, today.

Woman Seeks Identity of Anonymous Sperm-Donor Father
VANCOUVER, BC, October 26, 2010 – In a case showing the painful consequences faced by children conceived through artificial reproduction, a British Columbia woman is petitioning the courts to find out the identity of her father, an anonymous sperm donor.

Court Allows San Francisco County ResolutionThat
Condemns Catholicism as 'Insulting,' 'Hateful'
SAN FRANCISCO, October 26, 2010 -- The Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has shakily allowed to stand a resolution by the city government of San Francisco that lambasted the Vatican as "meddl[ing]" and "insult[ing]" for reaffirming its teaching against homosexual adoption, and which urged Church officials to disobey the Magisterium.

New Study:
Children Raised by Homosexual Parents More Likely to Identify as Gay

MANHATTAN, Kansas, October 25, 2010  -- A study due out next month has found that children raised by homosexual parents are far more likely to identify as homosexual themselves.

NY Gov. Signs Bill Allowing “Unmarried” Partners to Adopt
ALBANY, NY, September 22, 2010 – New York will now allow unmarried partners – heterosexual and homosexual – to adopt a child together under new legislation signed into law on Sunday by Gov. David Paterson. The measure also allows same-sex couples with marriage licenses from other states to adopt children as well.

Florida Appeals Court Rejects Homosexual Adoption Ban
TALLAHASSEE, Florida, September 22, 2010 – The Florida Third District Court of Appeal has ruled that Florida’s 33-year-old law preventing homosexual couples from adopting violates the equal protection clause of the state constitution.

Vatican Reservations Key to
Understanding Support for UN Child Rights Convention

NEW YORK, June 11, 2009  – Last week, Pope Benedict XVI issued a telegram, signed by Cardinal Secretary of State Tarcisio Bertone, saying there was an “urgent need” for the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) “to be implemented to the full.” The telegram raised eyebrows among family activists, especially in the United States, since they have battled against the ratification of the document in their country. Reports on the telegram to date have failed to specify Vatican reservations on the document, which the Vatican’s representative at the UN told LifeSiteNews (LSN) are key to understanding the Pope’s statement.

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