Catholic Teaching on Homosexuality

Father John Hollowell, a priest of the diocese of Indianapolis, provides a very succinct catechesis on the Church's teaching on homosexuality - attractions and acts. There are some very important points made about responses to attractions. Everyone has a sexual urge, the question is what to do about it. People without homosexual attractions have the same challenge, unless they are married.

The second point is that we are attracted to many different things. We don't know why. We may be attracted to certain foods, for example. The question is: is it ever appropriate to define ourselves by what we are attracted to?

One point that Father did not make is something that Blessed John Paul II wrote about in his book Love and Resonsibility. He spoke about how relationships between people can become corrupted if we approach the other as an object of use. Use in contrary to love. Keeping that in mind, chastity can take on a new meaning. If one truly loves a person, is if every an act of love to reduce them to an object of self-gratification, even if it is an agreement of mutual use. That insight is startling. Chasity can be viewed not just as self deprivation, but as an act of love toward the other.

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