CA Supreme Court Upholds Prop 8

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6 to 1 Decision!!!

SAN FRANCISCO, May 25, 2009 -- Today was a victory for more than 7 million California voters who passed Proposition 8 last November. We are so pleased that the California Supreme Court recognized the right of the voters to amend their constitution and define marriage as between a man and a woman. This has been a long battle starting in 2000 when California voters first defined marriage in the state law by passing Proposition 22 -- a law that the California Supreme Court overturned in May of 2008. The decision today demonstrates that the voters have put the definition of marriage out of reach of the state court once and for all.

CCG media appearances in Court decision coverage:

Fox News Channel, Fox Radio, ABC affiliates in LA and San Francisco, CBS and NBC affiliates, CBS Radio, "Across the Nation" on the Catholic Channel, "Kresta in the Afternoon" on Ave Maria Radio, and more.

The only recourse same-sex marriage advocates now have is to mount their own initiative campaign, something that we must prepare for starting now. It is time to reorganize. Catholics for the Common Good Institute has already started training and organizing volunteers and leaders with a recent conference in Orange County, CA. We will be continuing this effort in every part of the state. Please support this effort with a tax-deductible donation.

Let us pause and give thanks to God for this victory. Let us also give thanks for the intercession of our patroness, Our Lady of Guadalupe -- May she continue to pray for us and our opponents. Please continue the Novena to the Holy Spirit through Pentecost Sunday.

Traditional Marriage Opponents' Strategy

Same-sex marriage advocates are planning major rallies on Saturday, May 30. A major focus will be Fresno -- a county where Prop 8 passed by 69%. They plan to bus demonstrators in from all over the state to try to draw a parallel with the civil rights "Freedom Riders" of the 60s. The implication is that Fresno is the center of the greatest discrimination and bigotry against gays, just as Montgomery, AL was in the deep South. They plan a march from Selma, CA to Fresno. See details- Meet in the Middle

A Response

In response, ProtectMarriage advocates will gather in Fresno on the next day, Sunday, May 31 at 6 p.m. CCG Chairman, William B. May and  CCG LA County Co-Chair from Palisades Charter High School, Wyn DeLano, will be among the speakers. See details.

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